Customized personalized wedding low cost market

set up shop such an idea although it is good, but a lot of venture capital is very high, but this is precisely what many investors do not have. For this reason, venture capital has become a barrier to the smooth progress of countless people embark on the road. However, if you choose to provide customized personalized wedding services, investment costs are cheaper, and the broader market, which is worth more entrepreneurs who choose.

market positioning: 80 bride consumption potential amazing

80, population explosion. In 80s the people have now reached the age of marriage, only from the bride will form a market of billions of dollars every year.

this year, wedding get together phenomenon is obvious, a lot of brides to pick up less than satisfied with the wedding and worry. Have a piece of her wedding dress is every girl’s dream, in ancient times, the red scarf can become a girl please press the bottom of the collection.

in the past, the wedding is a luxury consumer goods, not only the price is relatively high, but also affected by the traditional wedding customs and ideas, the wedding market is not great, so many couples are choosing to rent rather than buy a wedding. Now, with the improvement of living standards and changes in consumer attitudes, wedding dress is beginning to enter the young fashion crowd, but also the best time to witness the best moments of life. According to the survey, the bride born after 80s is generally willing to buy wedding, rather than rent.

therefore, the future of wedding consumption from rent to buy the huge market potential. With the new people "to buy a piece of their own wedding" concept gradually spread, data show that in each dress 500 to 1000 dollars, plus accessories and other related industries, only from the bride will form a market of billions of dollars every year.

do not need storefront, you can customize personalized wedding

some of the big wedding photo studio can be customized wedding, large shops also have a wedding dress for sale, but the price is significantly higher. Among them, the high cost of rent and other important reasons. No shop business costs greatly reduced, the price of the wedding is more natural than other places.

"the most expensive" is not necessarily the best, the most suitable is the best! Tailor made wedding shops are a popular selling point. Each to buy wedding dress customers, can get the most suitable for their body shape, color of the dress.

personalized wedding shop earnings analysis

The bride

according to different levels of consumption, the wedding can be divided into type (price 300800 yuan) daughter of a humble family, great lady type (price 8001500 yuan), 2290.

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