Share the speech content of MA in the Roundtable

President Xi and his wife’s visit to the news has been spread in the major news media, their first stop is the United States of Seattle, and to participate in the Sino US roundtable. On behalf of entrepreneurs in China, Ma name impressively, his speech is very moving, it is worth sharing with you.

43 years ago, Nixon visited my hometown in Hangzhou. Hangzhou at that time to a lot of foreign tourists, I was on the junior high school, but the English teacher is our Chinese teacher guest. Adhere to the hotel at the entrance of foreign tourists to do a free guide to practice English for 9 years, I not only mastered some language skills, a better understanding of American culture. Want to come today, there is no normalization of Sino US relations at that time, there is no opening up, it is unlikely to have the current Alibaba.

the two changed my personal fate of the event, with friendly cooperation between China and the United States are inseparable.

Of course, the United States and

Today there is no misunderstanding


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