The characteristics of the black into business pioneer

said, "black", the first impression may not be too good, but you don’t get me wrong, here the so-called "black", refers to the "black food restaurant", now pay attention to the health care community, believe that this shop will hot business, to help investors to create the most beautiful the future of the future!

edible black food nutritionists advocate "black, coarse food, natural" three dietary health concept. Currently on the market, although there are individual black food. Small investors can open a black food restaurant to fill the market blank".

A, shop features:

1. hit the black color signs. Store sales are mainly black food. Shop name and store decoration can be designed around the black style. The distribution agent varieties: black sesame paste, black, black, black coffee eight eight, black soy milk, rye, black sesame, black millet, black corn, black Glutinous Rice Balls etc.. Sales of homemade varieties: black, black Sugar cane juice squeezed water chestnut juice, black glutinous rice, glutinous rice cake and AI three black noodles, chicken porridge, porridge and black black frog.

2. pass health concept. Black food is the leader in natural food, rich in nutrition. Traditional Chinese medicine theory, the majority of black food is good for health, but also the health concept of medicated diet. The black food and general food for comparison: black food protein is higher than the general food; food fat content is higher than the general plant black food; food fat content is lower than the general black animal food; black food dietary fiber content is higher than that of a similar food; black food in potassium and calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, selenium were higher than those of similar food.

two, open conditions and benefit analysis:

three, open tip:

1. store choice should be in the flow of people in the streets, the best choice at the crossroads, and can choose to close to places of entertainment and leisure, the elderly activity center, schools, restaurants and more concentrated streets. 2 shop decoration, try to choose the black style.

3. in the product price, the price should not be too high, can be made as the main sales of home sales varieties. 4 the main risk comes from food quality problems. Therefore, the store should strengthen internal management, store food must be checked or tested to ensure the safe use of.

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