Working sister opened a sock store monthly income of over million

socks are necessities, the price is cheap, everyone wants to buy. Do you have the guts to open a "sock shop" like a clothing store? Can you promise to open a shop like this? If the store opened in a few thousand dollars a month rent a lot of money, you are not afraid of losing money, was a joke for the silly hat? However, Zhuhai has a smart and bold working sister, but in the city of gold spread out a small five toe socks shop, do not engage in wholesale, retail, only to be able to earn $10 thousand per month! What is her unique way to earn money?

summer Fantasy: dagongmei to store


in Tan Bihui’s eyes, she is not to open a general "sock shop", love fashion she wants to open a "five toe socks shop". Because she learned that Zhuhai is a daughter of a humble family style of the city, here is the most beautiful and romantic atmosphere, and the five toe socks and this coincided with the atmosphere. In order to prove their ideas, she came to the major commercial center and the plaza to explore Zhuhai, found that there are often promotions or outdoor parties, some models often miss performing "where legs Show (show)". After a period of market research, she also found that there is no one in Zhuhai, such as the sale of five toe socks, such as "socks shop,"

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