Hefei within 10 months of newly registered capital of 168 billion

the whole society on the development of entrepreneurial passion, creative and entrepreneurial activities since, throughout the enterprise quantity has significantly improved, entrepreneurial projects such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerge, add many reserve force for social entrepreneurship innovation.

10 months, with a photo of a code registration system, registration of my main air plant, the market ushered in a small climax. In particular, in late October, the city government service center business window for business registration business increased significantly, the average daily business volume of more than 400. October, the city’s newly registered 6930 types of market players, an increase of 16.2%; new registered capital of $18 billion 490 million, an increase of 68.5%. Among them, 2963 new domestic funded enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises of 19, individual industrial and commercial households, farmers, professional cooperatives, 29 households.

to support all types of market players to become bigger and stronger, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau actively help enterprises financing, registration services for enterprises to provide a full range of shares. This year, the city’s rapid growth in the quality of registered shares. 1~10 months, the city handled a total of 944 registered shares of quality, the amount of equity pledge of $17 billion 607 million, the amount of secured claims of $43 billion 907 million, effectively alleviate the financing problems of small and micro enterprises. Among them, only in October, the city handled the registration of ownership of 94, an increase of 14.6%, to help enterprises financing $1 billion 878 million.

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