Shopkeepers should be grateful for the advice of their customers

customers in the consumer time according to their own experience and put forward some suggestions, some shopkeepers attitude is very good, to thank customers, and some customers think the shopkeeper is in trouble". In short, the attitude of the owners are different, will be able to determine the location of the store in the hearts of customers. And if the customer made a very useful information, the owner did not adopt, for the latter part of the store will naturally adverse. Therefore, regardless of whether the customer’s proposal is pertinent, as the owner, naturally should be grateful.

actually, we should have a modest attitude towards the advice of our customers, whether they are right or not. The rationalization of the proposal is to listen carefully. For example, one time during the holidays, my supermarket door filled with goods, and due to leave, the loose piled high box. At that time, a customer said to me: "boss, those boxes at your door, I looked very dangerous, I hope you take time to sort out."

listened to him, I am very grateful. I thanked him, then to finish, it found that the box has deviated from above. If a customer accidentally touches the bottom of the box, then the above may fall immediately hit the customer. The thought of this scene, I feel very scared. Fortunately, there is a reminder of the customer, otherwise, once the problem, it is not easy to deal with.

There are many

examples like this, for example, customers find our supermarket vegetables fresh enough, so I was replaced with treatment, not only for the comments of the customer to get the respect, to win more business opportunities for themselves.

customers will make recommendations, often because of their own experience is not good, then the needs of their own ideas. Most of the time, the customer is a reflection of the problem is worth considering. We take care of it and deal with it, so it’s possible to avoid a lot of trouble and attract more customers.

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