How to deal with 12 types of low quality customers

contact customers every day of every hue, will inevitably meet high quality customers. What should you do if you meet such a "God"? Below, Xiaobian for you to introduce 12 strokes to help you deal with the quality of the customer is not high.

A, how to deal with the "sarcastic" people love the customer

The psychological characteristics of love "sarcasm"

two, how to deal with customer

off the reelThe psychological characteristics of

To deal with the customer’s

three, how to deal with customer


coping strategy: customer lying Killing with Kindness, cleverly opened the other mask, much closer to his mind, has prepared a hair.

four, how to deal with vulnerable clients

vulnerable clients mental state: 1, 2, self-esteem strong; overconfidence; 3, too.

the fragility of the customer strategy: must pay attention to his words and expressions, pay attention to customer.

five, how to deal with the fancy customer

The characteristics of

to fancy type of customer marketing strategy: to raise him, with his low-key processing of speech and expression, he try to guide the understanding of market conditions, industry trends.

six, how to deal with customer

harbour evil designsThe psychological characteristics of

coping strategies: 1 customers harbour evil designs (black refers to hypocrisy; 2, play a double game, use close skills).

seven, how to deal with the opinionated customer

heart > opinionated customers

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