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Shenzhen is China’s reform and opening up the first front, and now Shenzhen will become the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship in coastal areas. In order to create a strong atmosphere of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship conference held in Shenzhen overseas Chinese youth, the rich overseas relations to promote entrepreneurship development.

"· innovation to change the world; entrepreneurial achievements dream", yesterday, Chinese Federation of Youth Committee held overseas Chinese Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship conference in Shenzhen. From the United States, Canada, Britain and other more than and 10 countries and Hong Kong and Macao overseas Chinese youth, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and sub provincial city youth committee of the Federation of Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese youth organizations and more than 200 people attended the meeting. Vice chairman of China Federation, chairman of the Federation of Youth Federation of China Wei Wei attended the event and delivered a keynote speech. Entrusted by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, United Front minister Lin Jie, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, the municipal Party committee, chairman of the Federation of overseas Chinese leader Ma Yongzhi attended the meeting and delivered a speech. General assembly by the Chinese Federation of overseas Chinese Minister of foreign affairs, China Federation of Youth Federation executive vice president and Secretary General Kong Tao presided over.

to stimulate overseas Chinese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Actively create a good environment for the development of

by Comrade Lin Jie commissioned Ma Yongzhi on behalf of the municipal Party Committee United Front Work Department, city of overseas Chinese Affairs, overseas Chinese, welcome to the overseas Chinese youth organization, from home and abroad overseas Chinese youth long-term care and support for the development of Shenzhen thanked, and introduces the environment of Shenzhen innovation and entrepreneurship.

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