The way to become a successful distributor

can make a good dealer will have to find their own accurate positioning, find themselves recognize themselves, and then to find their own direction of struggle, slowly groping in your life will be more and more clear road.

the so-called self selection is to understand their own situation, to do a good job in their own position. First of all, make clear their own goals, to Xiaofujian, still hope that the future can have a relatively large development, different goals will affect your business mentality and business strategy. Second, to find out their own resources, what kind of social relations? What kind of sales channels do you know? What would be more conducive to play their own advantages according to their own resources tailored?.

in good self positioning under the condition of careful selection of manufacturers.

Second, because your financial strength, may start choosing only some small business products to agents. Because of the small manufacturers are so clear, the boss What I say goes., your boss’s character is very important.

Third, the strength of the manufacturers. Manufacturers are small workshops, or regular factory? The manufacturer is only a product, or a few products, or a relatively rich product line? How the manufacturers of advanced technology R & D strength? How? How does the market competitiveness? Timely feedback on the market? Whether the product quality assurance? Customer service service level and so on, through the investigation of these details, we can ascertain the manufacturers strength.

Fourth, brand. Manufacturers are well-known enterprises? The manufacturers of the products is well-known brands? Small dealers and most of the time is in the face of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, but small and medium-sized enterprises have the same visibility and brand reputation, is their popularity and brand reputation may be limited in a small. In order to understand this, you can visit the factory location. Fifth, policy. Manufacturers will generally have some support and preferential policies for dealers, such as promotions, advertising. Rebates, incentives, cost sharing and so on, under the same conditions, as far as possible to select those dealers and manufacturers to support the larger more preferential policy. Sixth, service. Dealers in the circulation channel by midstream, upstream manufacturers greatly restricted in business performance, dealers often require manufacturers to provide services, such as timely delivery, to provide timely product information and guidance, to help dealers to carry out business dealers, manufacturers service more thoughtful, more able to secure business dealers. At the same time, the degree of concern for the interests of dealers,

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