The Chinese fast food franchise worry entrepreneurial project

fast food in our life, has been very much the choice of market development. So, for Chinese fast food to join the project choice, want to do poineering work how should we do?

customers often have two different attitudes towards a special dish: one is that it is cheaper and cheaper, and the other is "cheap". As a Chinese fast food stores in the implementation of special offer food, in addition to considering the local food market conditions and their food quality and quantity, should also consider their own brand image, customer psychological reaction etc.. How can we make the special promotion to achieve marketing purposes?

1, specials should become a signature dish

special offer dishes should be linked with the business positioning, the store’s target, dishes, select what dishes as special offer food to be able to reflect the shop features, reflecting the chef level, make it become the weapon store marketing. For example, a seafood shop put a plate of "shredded potato dishes as" special offer, even a 1 yuan, it may not be able to impress customers, because customers don’t eat seafood at you this dish of potatoes silk to consumption. This is often the result of special promotions do not hurt does not itch.

Chinese fast food to join

2, the better the business, the price of

a restaurant, business deserted, would like to use special dishes to attract customers, hanging in the door of a number of dishes and so on a few yuan, the price of the jump, the results of the passing of the customers are to take a look, no one dared to enter the door. Why? Because they don’t think they can do business, they’re doing a clearance sale.

"let the guest in" customer dining psychology sometimes "do not buy or buy up". In other words, a food and beverage business to be engaged in the promotion of it when it will get good results, and do not wait until the guests did not think of promotions, too late, will only cause a vicious cycle.

3, give special dishes connotation


dishes are always characterized by special offer price, but in special time, special festivals, cultural connotation and auspicious wishes with high, special offer food can still sell at high prices, the reverse thinking can sometimes receive special effects.

, for example, a restaurant dishes chestnut burn dumplings is very popular with customers, this dish is also the store’s long-term specials, the original price of 16 yuan, special sales of $8. When the Dragon Boat Festival is coming, the store instead changed the norm, according to the original price of sales, but the point of this dish is still an endless stream of customers. This is the special meaning, special festivals bring special effects.

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