Retail business can not enter the command error

customers spend money to shop shopping, this is the hope that the quality of service, but now there are a lot of shopkeepers will direct the work of consumers, such a long time, I am afraid there is no way to attract consumers. Although, in the eyes of outsiders, the retail business is very beautiful, his boss when he said the word, I would like to Zha zha.

, however, the retail store is to rely on the credibility of survival, once there is no constraint on the thinking and understanding and self-control, it is easy to have a negative impact on the retail business. For retail customers and dealing directly with the consumer market, and zero distance contact, once the superiority and inertia thought to breed, will be from the "waiter" role, into a "commander", do not, but in the.

"the milk powder is in the middle of the third shelves, right there!"

, "where are your eyes, you can’t see such a big thing, and I’m going to get it for you."!"

"pay the money, the things in the doorway, you move, don’t move the wrong."

as consumers in their daily shopping, more or less will encounter these words. Why do some customers know that some of the store’s merchandise is more expensive than the self-employed, but also in droves? They could not hear such words in the supermarkets, they bought the mood, bought the goods outside of the service. Some consumers will say, although a little expensive, but at ease.


command type retail customers are mostly lazy psychological cause, they are not high requirements on their own, and some that are familiar face acquaintances, do not pay attention to; some think it is a small business, there is no so-called; think behoove, don’t care. This will develop a habit of pointing to customers.

a few days ago, the district’s small Zhang married wife, Wang Wu supermarket to buy more than a dozen boxes of wine, because of the urgency, the boss said, you have to worry about it, I use my tricycle pulled, and now I do not have time. In desperation, Zhang had to pull himself back with a tricycle. While the king boss does not know, Zhang did not ride a tricycle, and finally crooked wine home, also put the heel rub off a piece of skin, make Zhang wohuo. As a result of many things at home, Zhang returned to the tricycle to forget things.

looked at the car did not send a few hours to come over, Wang Wu whispered, big holiday, business is busy when the car, how to now have not sent over. Boss Wang to see little Zhang Jiayi rash and too much in haste, tricycle is parked in a corner of the yard. So scolded Xiao Zhang, good to borrow good, borrowed things, how do not know to go back, I do not know busy with my car business ah, who can lend you.


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