Look at China’s future economic development signals from Zhongguancun

Beijing Zhongguancun has been the forefront of China’s innovation and development of science and technology, the development of Zhongguancun indicates the future direction of China’s future technology entrepreneurship. Recently, three Zhongguancun small index, or reflects the Chinese economy big signal".

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index: Daily hatch 4.9 entrepreneurial team

in the core area of Haidian District Beijing Zhongguancun Internet financial building, "Jinling" Uncle Ye Daqing busily meet the end of peak business. He founded the melt 360 only four years, they ranked among the $1 billion market capitalization. 360 is the international media as China’s best innovation company.

open street for a year and a half of Zhongguancun Venture Street has been known as the "Internet entrepreneur entrepreneurial landmark". The latest data show that more than 3 square meters to revitalize the layout of the square space, there are more than and 40 professional service providers. Only in 2015, district settled more than 2 thousand and 200 investment institutions, business incubator Street entrepreneurial team a total of 1791, average daily hatch 4.9, nearly 400 enterprises to obtain financing, financing amounting to about 2 billion yuan.

venture into new vitality under the new normal economy. In Haidian District, where entrepreneurship street, for example, with the rapid growth of start-up companies, the first three quarters of this year, Haidian personal income tax grew by 33.9%, becoming the highest proportion of tax in Beijing.

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"data only shows the economic vitality." Many business instructors admitted that venture itself is high risk, not good to go. However, the "double" arouse deep in the hearts of every youth enthusiasm and passion, become the economic and social factors, continued to bring vitality to the economy.

two index: 600 big data companies, 3 trillion yuan of industrial clusters

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