The man won 5000 yuan cheated tens of thousands of yuan in value that the halo of robbers

Spring Festival is approaching, the end time of frequent robbery. Recently, a Wenzhou man cheated the robbers with halo won in the event of robbery, that won 5000 yuan worth tens of thousands yuan, let the robbers deceive Apple Mobile phone.

he faced three to reinforced robbery robber, calmly, with a value of less than 28 yuan won the flicker of the three suspects, successfully saved Apple’s own mobile phone 6, and safe escape. This is the local become a favourite tale. January 4th, the suspect Ma and other three people on suspicion of robbery by the Ouhai police criminal detention.

1 1 July at around 20:50, overtime 22 year old Wu home from downtown, via State Road 104 Li Ao section, Xiao Wu’s mobile phone rang, he put the car parked on the roadside and pick up the phone, then playing mobile phone games.

played about half an hour, suddenly the cab door is opened, a hand-held bar, her face covered with a strange man sitting in the white mask, the man’s face with a reinforced against Xiao Wu, "honest, rob


This is

success after the escape, Xiao Wu reported to the police. Ouhai police rushed to carry out the investigation, through the retrieval of surveillance video to the side of the road, found the three suspects committing the crime before driving a motorcycle from Ouhai Chashan Street alley, a way to find the target of crime.

with this information, the police investigation through information judged three suspects identity, and other information to identify the foothold. The evening of January 4th

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