Mahogany furniture should return to the true nature of mass consumption

in a lot of friends, mahogany furniture has always been in the high-end route, the price is more expensive. Mahogany furniture is not ground gas, in the fierce market competition today, has not earned the opportunity to make money! Mahogany furniture should comply with the needs of the development of the times, return to the public consumption of genuine, take the people first line, so as to have a better development.

"mahogany furniture is a large furniture, which belongs to the mass consumer goods, and in the past for a long time, mahogany furniture became one of the few people can enjoy the luxury, this is not normal, only the return of mass consumption real mahogany furniture, to ensure the healthy development of sustainable business and industry." Chinese higher professional furniture design founder Hu Jingchu, the day before to Zhongshan is to participate in the activities such as mahogany industry said. The reporter learned that, in the overall environment Home Furnishing situation to mahogany furniture enterprises increasingly conscious of mahogany furniture, not only the pursuit of the tall, but can not boast exaggerated, and should be based on market demand, make the product into thousands of households.

the traditional mahogany furniture in the production process, influenced by traditional culture, law-abiding furniture style. The new Chinese rosewood furniture into modern fashion elements in China traditional style, to improve the traditional mahogany furniture through a variety of ways, make furniture more in line with the needs of modern life and living habits, more practical, comfortable and humanized. In the material, the traditional mahogany home has a low-end mahogany material, there are high-end mahogany material. The new Chinese style mahogany furniture to the hedgehog red sandalwood, rosewood, Burma and other more economical mahogany material, the main highlights in the design of a more concise fashion.


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