Second tier cities will become the competitive advantage of differentiation

for the contemporary entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the first step to calculate the approximate range of entrepreneurial costs can be assured of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial costs are too high in the first tier cities, many people moved to second tier cities began to venture.

Compared to

when many start-up companies continue to high prices, high taxes to pay the bills, so how to reduce the cost, to achieve the maximum competitiveness of many entrepreneurs become the most need to solve the problem, the first generation of the Internet business in the second tier city project 4399, 19 floor, the pig’s success, to let us realize: Entrepreneurship in the second tier city may become competitive advantage between startups.

A, Chinese venture growth

1, second tier cities startups rapid rise from the first tier cities back to the second tier cities entrepreneurial trend is obvious.

2, second tier cities entrepreneurship

Conclusion: Although

two, second tier city entrepreneurial soil

1, venture capital led to the second tier cities

we research to do a comparison of three second tier city office rent cost 3 first-tier cities, only rent: 3.5 times a second tier city -4 times as many as the company cost of rent first-tier cities, and first-tier cities the cost of starting a single rent at an annual rate of 30%-40% growth in the.


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