Shaanxi nternet Entrepreneurship Forum successfully held many people involved

now the Internet can be said to be a symbol of the whole era and vane, at the same time, there are a lot of entrepreneurial wealth now projects are closely related to the Internet and, recently, held in Shaanxi such a large auditorium open up a fresh outlook of the internet.

7 on the afternoon of 9 may, the first phase of the Shaanxi Internet Entrepreneurship Forum in the Xi’an high tech Zone Venture Plaza C block a successful way in XIAN. Shaanxi Internet association secretary general Dong Xiaobei, Xi’an high tech Zone Business Park Development Center Deputy Director Yang Rong, Chinese intelligent toilet cover first Ryoji chairman Ma Yue, chairman Wang Yuqiang, the same medical Ph.D. future president Duan Jian and other guests to participate in activities, and in the field to explain their thinking for innovation and entrepreneurship Internet plus era.

Ke Zunping Internet plus entrepreneurship view

"current society many traditional enterprises and the Internet began to get involved in the Internet business entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, knowledge of the Internet there are five errors and pitfalls: or simply identified the Internet is just a tool; or ignore the thinking of the Internet and the values of law; or ignore the Internet thinking methodology; or to the center thinking too much, just want to fix the customer to sell products, and ignore the user experience with."   –   Ke Ke pointed out sharply.

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