Why join the project should be chosen and cold noodle snacks

snacks to join in the project the cold noodle investment agency project? Smile like cold noodle is a good brand, then the brand how? See Xiaobian for you. Join Helen cold noodle double harvest career, and wealth, and make the brand culture spread to all over the country and cold noodle, and achieve a win-win project brand and social responsibility. Helen cold noodle to join, from R & D projects, technical training, brand management, operational guidance and services to establish four core industrial chain, the introduction of CIS system in management (Corporate Identity System) and chain management system, catering industry play advantages, integration of industry resources.

Helen cold noodle three advantages:

a, ancestral secret recipe, complete variety:

Zuzhuanmifang, on the basis of inheriting and developing the ancestral craft, keep pace with the times, innovation, the development of the general volume, Roasted Goose Taifu series products, more green, more healthy, more suitable for the market demand of modern

two, less investment, low risk, quick, high return:

small and medium-sized city minimum total investment of 20 thousand yuan to open a store in the big city standard only need to invest 3 to 50 thousand yuan, from the selection of projects, technical training, site decoration, product trial, preparations for the opening, completed within 20 days. From the customer service tracking survey information feedback, turnover ranged from 1800 to 10000 yuan, the average daily turnover of more than 2000 yuan accounted for more than 60% of the proportion of the whole business, but no off-season, weekend and holiday business better than usual.

three, simple operation guidance:

standard, systematic teaching mode, is different from the production process of other Lucai complicated, generally seven days can grasp bittern, save worry, save time and effort.

Helen joined only million cold noodle, small investment, can open a profitable snack. Each season will launch a huge amount of new products, to bring customers fresh delicious, ensure product sales.

Helen founder commissioned a professional central cold noodle food factory, additional equipment and food processing plant production of low temperature air conditioning ingredients the products of advanced processing, as a basis for quality control.

1 brand support: headquarters to provide a unified trademark, trade name, store image and the right to use the enterprise VI system, such as the image of a hundred stores.

2 advertising support: provide full program, advertising support, media marketing support.

3 training support: provide professional training

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