How to make people know online shop

for many Internet entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship through the network has become very common on the internet shop selling things is now very common, at the same time, there are also many network, Taobao stores so open Taobao stores in the network should be how to enhance the visibility.

A, shop free promotion method and skill:

1, go to the forum, community looking paste, post, first mix a familiar face, let everybody have an impression on you. I also want to return some meaningful posts, not irrigation, see help you if I can help a stick to help look carefully! For the discussion, you should speak their opinions, if the landlord or passers-by saw that there is a common topic and you may become friends, friends of the road is a multi wide! Propaganda is effective.

2, the use of window recommended bit, you can not underestimate the window recommended bit yo, set up, the flow will increase, more traffic, the turnover rate is high. Choose a reasonable time 1 to seize the best time to recommend, for example, recommend only the end of the 15 goods

3, your best time to set up in the sale of 7 days, so the opportunity to see the baby was increased by two times. At the same time, try to stagger the time on your shelves. Your shop often have new goods, often have to end. Not only buyers look comfortable, but also increase your exposure oh!

4, a lot of attention to the side of the opportunity to look at the Taobao home page and channel recommended baby. See what keywords. And if your categories, you may wish to change the title of the key word (of course, can not write key oh)   according to professional statistics, the best products on time: 8:00~10:00 in the morning, around 1:00 noon, afternoon 4:00~6:00, 8:00~10:00 PM, may have seen big home related posts. Therefore, in order to attract and retain buyers, please continue to update the product, the time period to attract everyone’s attention.

5, do Links, this link is also very important, we can not be ignored, not only with the diamond seller link will bring traffic, but also from the start of a diamond, as long as the other party has the confidence, has the potential to have the potential to quickly become a diamond, so not to reject the new sellers Links, if is a peer, may bring you unexpected harvest oh! Links must be done, and do a comprehensive, so it will bring traffic.

6, in the community for a long time, if you send post good quality, there is love, then we can make a little bit of silver, the silver we can grab widely recommended

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