Give advice to start up companies boss must see

we all know that entrepreneurship is not going smoothly, startups will encounter various problems. Is there any way you can start a more successful business? Experts give the following five suggestions for startups is very helpful.

as 500  Startups and Lexity (by Yahoo2013 instructor year acquisition) before the CEO, I often ask myself, how to build a successful business. In many cases, I often meet some companies, in the initial stage, there are ambitious goals, want to change the industry, and even change the world.

"in the small business week is approaching, I would like to share 5 start-up rules of start-up entrepreneurs are the most easily overlooked.

Recommendation 1: bigger than


to enter a new market start-up, expansion is indeed very important, but for those entrepreneurs to enter an existing market, the situation is somewhat different. You don’t have to struggle to expand. With its continuous cost of waste, small businesses can focus on profitability, small profits began to gradually expand into large and medium enterprises.

Recommendation 2:

competition than cooperation

4 recommendations: first, the product data of second

because start-ups survive as the first priority, so many companies will also focus on the data above. These financial data is important, but they should not be a reason for companies to ignore the product. For start-up companies, the product is the company’s brand and image, often for a company in the future how far can play a crucial role.

Recommendation 5: no

Many enterprises in


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