2016 suitable for entrepreneurship environment

2016 has come, you must also realize the ambition in the new year? For entrepreneurs, 2016 is destined to be an extraordinary year. We must particularly want to know in 2016 for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment in 2016 how? So today we come to the entrepreneurial environment in 2016 to analyze, come and see.

entrepreneurial space more professional

2016 suitable for entrepreneurship? Innovation and entrepreneurship have to find the right space. At present, China’s various types of public record space has more than 2300, and the existing more than 2 thousand and 500 accelerator technology business incubator, the 11 national innovation demonstration zone and 146 national high-tech zones, jointly form a complete business service and good ecological chain. On this basis, this year, I accelerate the construction of the Congress to create a professional community and the creation of a star world, which also means that entrepreneurs will have more and more suitable for their own entrepreneurial base camp".

more efficient financing channels

2016 suitable for entrepreneurship? Through the above initiatives can be seen, in 2016 China’s development of science and technology financial situation will be more active, entrepreneurs will have more efficient, low-cost financing channels. For example, Jiangxi recently launched the "family loan", namely the science and Technology Department to set up the risk compensation funds of SME credit and recommend qualified "of each enterprise loan loan to the bank, bank lending decisions, provide credit services. Banks provide loans to small and medium technology enterprises

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