Bazhong to break the only score theory focus on comprehensive evaluation

in our exam oriented education, we pay more attention to the child’s test scores, it seems that only do good to prove their strength, especially in the key period of the examination, examination results directly on behalf of all. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the "guidance" on further promoting senior high school exam enrollment system reform, following the introduction of the college entrance examination reform program, the majority of students in the senior high school entrance examination reform program has finally released the relationship. Bazhong to break the only score theory, pay attention to the comprehensive evaluation, we have a detailed understanding of the following.


general test" two test one "physical education" into the admission score subjects, focus on comprehensive evaluation, has become the focus and key senior high school entrance examination reform.

around the floor of the new deal senior high school entrance examination program has not been introduced, they have begun to practice from the senior high school entrance examination deal, so as the education reform of our city is how to deal with how the preparatory or original opinion? With questions, the reporter visited the city’s Education Bureau and the Longquan foreign language experimental school, Tanghu foreign language experimental as part of the school high school, senior high school entrance examination group expressed their views, some schools have also talked about how the new deal is actively preparing for the senior high school entrance examination.

interpretation of the education sector: basic education reform is very necessary

when it comes to the new deal in the positive test, the city’s Education Department official said, will resolutely implement the provincial Ministry of education as the benchmark for the implementation of the new floor plan. The person in charge of the evaluation of the road: the new deal is not emphasized the only score theory, but focus on the comprehensive development of the overall quality of students, which is a good thing for students. After the reform of the college entrance examination has just been introduced, the introduction of the reform of the examination education, basic education reform is very necessary, but also very suitable for the current education system. Embodied in: junior high school students graduate level in high school students to reduce quantization; a variety of academic burden on students, mainly on the basis of an examination as the school admissions exam also reflects the repeated use of the convenient.

the person in charge also from the overall idea, the selection of talent, enrollment examination, practicality and other 4 levels of the new deal in the analysis. He said that the reform of the whole idea about adhere to the people-oriented, embodies the essence of education quality education as the first virtue, respect the teaching law, clear the training target of diversification, adopt various forms of concerted efforts to promote the all-round development of students; more conducive to high school talent, promote the overall development of Pu vocational education.


of this reform from both angle and angle are more enrollment examination reflects the education fair, cancel extra points, expand the test items, more conducive to the promotion of students’ fair development; at the same time, before the reform compared to pay more attention to the students’ comprehensive quality evaluation, whether it is from the evaluation of key content, procedures are more close to the actual needs of students in particular, take "recommended in the use of the evaluation results on

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