Hand travel entrepreneurs in the process of entrepreneurship will encounter 5 major problems

now, it is time for the rapid development of hand travel, so now is a good time to join. Mobile game is the game software that runs on the mobile phone. Currently used to write the most mobile phone program is Java language, see J2ME. Followed by the C language. With the development of science and technology, the function of the mobile phone is more and more, more and more powerful.

money first off: the so-called armed forces did not move, forage first, in today’s society, no matter what we all cannot do without money. At the beginning of the highest mortality rate is also a piece of funds. Is usually collect of a few brothers made a little money on the start, after several months of work found themselves bitter to eat people lost the final because of money all ignorant. So entrepreneurs began to find ways to pull the investment to find financing, and finally pulled to sponsor, OK, you can continue to do, the results do half of the investors have told you, my child, I have to go first. Let you cry cry moment.

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