Dalian entrepreneurial youth can enroll in free entrepreneurship training courses

young entrepreneurs are mostly lack of entrepreneurial experience, which is an important factor in the success rate has been low. To improve the quality of young entrepreneurs, so that the success rate of entrepreneurship and the current pace of China’s economic development, it is necessary to guide young people to accept entrepreneurship training.

to enhance youth entrepreneurship ability, to help young people to improve the business plan, Dalian municipal Party committee, city youth will be held on February 27th at the International Business School of Dongbei University of Finance and Economics in 2016 held the first free youth entrepreneurship training, marking the 2016 youth entrepreneurship training work in full swing. This is the municipal Party committee, city youth will be held since 2009 fifty-sixth entrepreneurship training class, this year will be based on different youth entrepreneurship groups organized free youth entrepreneurship training 8, 1000 youth entrepreneurship training program.

the training for a period of 6 days (class date: February 27th, 28, March 5th, 6 days, 12 days, 13 days). At the age of 18~35 years of age, have good business ideas and entrepreneurial passion, lack of business experience, not to raise start-up capital, has yet to start business or business registration within one year (to declare time) are invited to participate in the youth. The number of training courses for the 100 people, the completion of industrial and commercial registration and business registration less than a year of youth priority.

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