Eleven golden week to Luoyang to feel the Millennium royal park style

Luoyang has an important position in the history of China, not only has a long history, but also has a charming scenery, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. Luoyang tour scenery landscape, enjoy international cultural performances, feel the Millennium Royal Park style…… In September 17th 2016, Heluo culture and Tourism Festival opened in Luoyang Sports Center plaza. Vice governor Zhang Guangzhi announced the opening of the deputy governor, Luoyang municipal Party committee secretary Li Ya attended the opening ceremony. Eleven golden week where to play? Luoyang Millennium imperial style.

the Heluo Culture Tourism Festival organized by the Tourism Bureau and the Luoyang municipal government, in order to "swim smart landscape, enjoy the Heluo Millennium royal park style" as the theme, carefully prepared the opening parade, Heluo culture seminar 6 main events and classical poetry 11 Heluo performances and other special activities for the public and tourists, festival be rich in content, to highlight the festival Huimin, to Chinese and foreign visitors panoramic display a beautiful and peaceful Luoyang, an open and inclusive Luoyang, a burst of vitality in Luoyang.

day this year, Heluo Cultural Tourism Festival highlights: the opening parade activities debut. 6 foreign performing arts groups were riding 13 floats, along the "open city of fashion," "industrial city, Kejizhiguang" "Heluo root, the source of China" 3 cruise line travel to Luoyang residents and tourists around, bring wonderful performances for all ethnic amorous feelings.

is the eleven golden week, small partners have to worry about where to play better? So, eleven golden week go where to play? Luoyang Millennium imperial style. It is reported that this year the Heluo Culture Tourism Festival from September 17th to the end of October 7th. In the meantime, the main scenic spots in Luoyang, star hotels and other tourism industry units will also be introduced in various forms of tourism and other preferential measures to bring more benefits to the public and tourists.

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