2016 years Qing Hui was held in Wuhan

near the Spring Festival, the enterprises are in the past year to sum up, entrepreneurs are no exception. On Saturday night, the 2016 meeting held more than 3000 years perhaps, entrepreneurs and investment to this industry event.

50 I venture the scene crying change

printers have pancakes

in the field, a get 5 pieces of investment invitation, Wuhan race Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. founder, Dr. Mu Guangyuan Huake star entrepreneurs. "Let everyone feel what is fashion." Mu Guangyuan told reporters, has 10 patents, the company is the biggest characteristic of OLED material for flexible display, "for example, we can make the curtain into TV, let the ceiling become light, it is a very broad application space".

followed by biological medicine, new materials and robot

also at the scene, a "green annual best entrepreneurs" list also officially released.

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