Beijing Zhongguancun is to attract investment in the gem of the national venture capital

science and technology new product industry, is the focus of attention of investors in the industry, Zhongguancun, China’s largest investment is attracting gold.

held in the days before the "2012 Zhongguancun entrepreneurs" series of activities to start the ceremony, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee issued the Zhongguancun demonstration zone 2011 Annual equity investment industry analysis report. The report comes from the Tsinghua University and the Zhongguancun Institute of innovation and innovation database.

in Zhongguancun demonstration zone of the 544 venture investment case, 8 venture capital investment case number or more than 10, their investment case reached 105, close to the same period 20% of the total investment case demonstration area. Among them, Sequoia Capital to 19 investment cases ranked first, IDG capital to invest in the case of the 17 ranked in the top second, Qiming venture capital and Northern Light Venture Capital to invest in the case of the juxtaposition of the ranks of the top third in 14.

"national major e-commerce companies are registered and group purchase in Zhongguancun demonstration zone. Therefore, the industry has become the first to become the highest investment in Zhongguancun demonstration area." The responsible person said, as the National Independent Innovation Zone, Zhongguancun brings together many enterprise communication technology, mobile Internet and other areas, so the information technology industry has become the investment case number and the amount of investment is relatively large industry.

The rapid development of

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