2015 Zhongguancun Venture Street reached 1 billion 800 million yuan venture capital

Beijing, Zhongguancun, like the United States in general, Silicon Valley, the hearts of countless entrepreneurs. In particular, known as the first year of entrepreneurship in 2015, the newly opened Zhongguancun Venture Street set off a venture financing storm.

200 more than a block long, service innovation and entrepreneurship can have much energy? 40 entrepreneurial service institutions, 700 into the incubator entrepreneurial team, more than 2500 cooperative investment institutions, the amount of financing of 1 billion 875 million yuan…… On the eve of the Spring Festival, only a year and a half to open the streets of Zhongguancun Venture Street handed over a satisfactory answer.

A winter afternoon before the

To provide innovative services

in recent days came to Zhongguancun Venture Street, if you see a man named "smart book Hall" place in many business services, you don’t think this is an ordinary bookstore. In mid January, the first national intellectual property theme bookstore has just settled in the business street, here, in addition to all kinds of books to find related intellectual property, entrepreneurs can obtain intellectual property related training and lecture here.

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