Do business must make a commitment to customers on the in the heart

in order to win customers, and now many of the owners of the customer put forward a lot of conditions are readily promised, and is committed to be able to do. However, when the real need to fulfill the promise of time, everything can be difficult to say. In fact, if it is to do business, want to correct to more repeat customers, it is necessary to honor the commitment to the customer, so that it will be more correct for the store guests.

the year before the twenty-three country brother the twelfth lunar month, the new building, in order to increase the festive atmosphere, invited me to return to his home, and told me to get a red lantern, I promised. The same day, I bought nearly 4000 yuan of sugar, tobacco, wine and other special purchases for the Spring Festival in the county a wholesale department, I asked the boss for a pair of red lanterns, he vowed to promise, and recorded in my shopping list.

because the wholesale department boss is a fellow, but also an old acquaintance, I paid the money on the scene, just waiting for him to send a car to the door. As the New Year approaching, the wholesale business is very hot, I worry about the boss forget the red lanterns, before leaving to bring their own back. The boss said with a smile: "anyway, my car to delivery, by the way, why bother?"" I think it makes sense, on the go.

twenty-five the twelfth lunar month evening, delivery, but there is no lantern. The driver said forget, second days must fill. Second days still not, the third day or not. So I called my boss and told me about the lanterns. The boss said: "these days are very busy, or you come to take it?" I heard this, the heart is not a cold. I said: "I have returned to their hometown, specialized to 70, 80 miles away to get a pair of red lanterns, no need. Years ago, your car is not delivered every day? You remember to ask the driver not to do it." The boss is quite straightforward, said: "yes, you can, tomorrow will bring."

, however, until the twelfth lunar month thirty, during which I call phone several times to remind, I still disappointed. To tell the truth, I was a little angry, but I tried to hold back my anger. As the country can not buy a red lantern, and finally I had to explain to the embarrassment of his brother. Brother indifferent smile: "you come back to the new year, the home on the lively, lanterns on the next year to hang up." Mood mixed with frustration and frustration.

years later, I told my boss about it. I said: "you this man is now how to deal with this kind of thing, he promised to do things can not be honored, how can people trust? Really do not recognize the money to recognize the matter, if the original payment of goods, it is estimated that not only two red lanterns can remember, I am afraid that you take a needle to remember must be clear. Busy is not the reason, the key is you didn’t put the customer in the heart!"

said a boss angrily left the shop I rendered speechless. Suddenly think of the future is not here to buy? I think, a recommendation

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