How to join a small fairy porridge

period of the Republic of small Impatiens, presumably we are not strangers. Between him and the general Cai-E’s love story is now known to every family, a story. Natural food and beverage industry in the United States can not be a small side of the small porridge fairy. A lot of investors are interested in joining the project to join the project, but I do not know the headquarters address.

kogayu Xian, headquartered in Beijing City, Haidian District minzhuang road Yuquan Huigu originated in Fujian Huian, " ", the country began in the universe; prevalence is a local delicacy. The liberation of the early universe " " craft and formula was a KMT veteran Zhou Shixiong to Taiwan, hit " in Kaohsiung; small porridge Xian " signs; and have developed a dish of porridge, meat, egg porridge and other dozens of series, hundreds of varieties, first in the island to warm sought after, then swept the Southeast Asian countries. Superb artistry, mellow taste, rich nutrition, deep culture by the residential praise, has been well received rave reviews.

in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, small porridge fairy restaurant has become a beautiful landscape. Breakfast porridge, porridge for dinner, dinner drink porridge, porridge close together, even formal dinners are often choose congee. Many have a vision of the business, so out of other food items out of the money into the porridge shop or porridge as the main snack areas.

so how to join small porridge immortal project? Small porridge fairy join flow description:

an investment application: the intention of investors, through telephone, fax, letters and mail or I directly to the headquarters of the shop application.

two, telephone communication: headquarters in accordance with the application of the geographical environment of the market audit, the two sides and the phone to communicate with the project, the applicant to the company for field trips.

three, the signing of the agreement: the agreement is both the spirit of equality, mutual benefit and common development under the principle of the responsibility, right and benefit of cooperation rules, after the signing of the agreement, headquarters to provide the corresponding authorization documents and other information, goods.

four, professional training: to participate in the headquarters of professional knowledge and technical system training, product knowledge, production technology, cargo management, staff management and other skills, the headquarters of qualified inspection before the shop.

five, equipment and distribution of goods: in accordance with the agreement to choose the shop type, equipped with the appropriate equipment, equipment, clothing and related packaging and other items.

six, store decoration: in accordance with the headquarters of the store renovation program, under the guidance of the headquarters for decoration.

seven, trial operation, opening: storefront renovation completed later >

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