Micro business how to sell their products

The birth of

WeChat, not only to make people more convenient communication, but also to give more people a chance to achieve their own value. More and more people embark on their own entrepreneurial path through WeChat, has become the current market is very common micro business. In this new era of micro brands rampant, how to do micro business, how to choose a good brand is very important, then I will teach you how to make a micro business, how to through the derivative thousand!

first to tell you what is micro business?

so do we need to understand the micro business platform attributes, micro business is the use of this platform to sell WeChat’s own goods, which is called micro business. What we should do is to make the corresponding response in the corresponding platform, in order to achieve the corresponding response.

how to sell their products?

a lot of people want to let others have a mouth to buy your product, because there is no thinking, derivative products must be established on the basis of trust, why do I say that it is very simple, now the micro business force fame, your agent products others in acting, of course I said these. Remove side especially good friend bestie, because these people you and they are not saying a word, so you can go with them to sell, because all good friends are not particularly offensive, if WeChat is familiar with some friends or you don’t know them to ask ourselves, we choose the effect of passive way will be better.

then we get into the business, there are four micro business steps (drainage, circle of friends to shape, communicate, clinch a deal), below to give you the decomposition of these four steps:

drainage (that is, in addition to WeChat, through other platforms to attract WeChat fans called drainage)

I want to please think about why you want to add you to others, in fact, I often ask this question, because a lot of people and I later asked how to add the powder, I often ask people why they will be added to you, if you want to let others take the initiative to increase your WeChat, you must give people a add your reason ah right, so that sometimes you have to learn to organize and integrate resources, and give others a reason with you.

, for example, you go to some of the major platforms to send a number of teaching micro business how to go to the white powder to do micro business, then this is not what you ask your method. Sometimes you put your circle of friends to build a good, you will save a lot of nonsense, with some intention agency said this and that she could not join, but your circle of friends to build a good coffee into a circle of friends, she may call you, do not need to so much nonsense, because of your circle of friends is the embodiment of your strength, then said how to create a circle of friends.

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