Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau police organization to celebrate the festival to celebrate

according to the government of Huangzhong County Organization Department, county office, County Bureau in June 25th 30 police took part in the party to celebrate the festival to celebrate the big eighteen party service activities.

in the morning, in the county cultural square with a "pioneer to make contributions" as the theme of legal advocacy activities. During the hanging banners two, panels, 4, issued more than 300 copies of promotional materials, more than 100 people to answer legal advice. Police in the spirit of serving the purpose of the people, around the volunteer service center of this party, the same day, the organization of the police to bring their own tools to the spring of the hippocampus highway bridge cleaning. The praise of the masses, our Bureau actively adapt to the construction of socialist democracy and legal system, improve the level of law enforcement, improve the image of law enforcement, promote the construction of public security team, has laid a good foundation to improve the satisfaction of the masses of the public security organs and people’s police.


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