Heritage of virtue to donate money to bring together the dream of Thanksgiving

The afternoon of December 15th, the city of Xining hundred students "inspirational – Thanksgiving – Dream" donation ceremony in Qinghai Huangchuan middle school

12 15 afternoon, "inspirational · hundreds of students in Xining city; Thanksgiving · dream donation launching ceremony was held in Qinghai Huangchuan middle school. Provincial Civilization Office Deputy Director Zhang Chengqiang, Federation vice president Wei Qin, deputy secretary of the work committee, Yue Shishu, provincial Party committee deputy secretary Ma Jianli, municipal government deputy mayor Wang Xuan and other leaders in the Youth Chamber of Commerce attended the donation ceremony.

listed ceremony education bureau, expressed sincere gratitude to the Zhejiang chamber of Commerce, committed to strictly regulate the use of aid, and urged the community to continue to care for and support the cause of education, love and dedication to the excellent poor students. From Huangchuan middle school, Huangchuan middle school, a branch of the fourteen recipients of student representatives to perform "grateful heart", "deeply attached to each other one family" as the theme of the program, expressed their gratitude to the donor units.




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