At the end of this month will be announced 10 North

Under the impetus of socialist core values, the North District to carry out the second "moved around north, good selection activities have been received extensive attention and enthusiastic participation of the whole society, as of now, recommend courageous, honest and trustworthy, helpfulness, dedication and filial love the old Pro 5 types of good 134. It is understood that the selection of good activities, the emergence of Shijinbumei 90 girl Zhao Ping, ten years as one day to help the poor mother Chen Fuhai, without Lining rushed into the fire rescue, their deeds by the "Xining Evening News" report, caused no small repercussions. A good time the public to elect the enthusiasm is unusually hot, the election time until the end of October would have been the end of. In order to ensure good contest open, fair and transparent, November 11th, North Zone will ensure candidates broad-based and representative advanced deeds of outstanding, review 50 preliminary candidates by members of the Committee of civilization pre screened, "north of the city of good candidates, and through the" Xining Evening News "focus publicity, accept public voting, the final selection of the north of the city of good" 10, "North good nomination" 10. In addition, actively recommend good people enthusiastic people, the city will also increase recognition of the north. In the future, the North District will continue to play a good role in the library, all included in the "good" candidates, candidates will be formally recommended to participate in the city and the province, the national organizations of various types of advanced selection activities in the whole society to create a good learning, be good, do good good atmosphere.  

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