County environmental protection departments jointly launched the emergency response to hazardous che

For the implementation of the provincial government in August 10th the newly revised "Qinghai province environmental emergencies contingency plans", profound lessons Tianjin port "8· 12" hazardous chemicals explosion accident experience, implement the provincial government on strengthening the management of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and the relevant requirements of the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau to carry out inspection on environmental risks of hazardous chemicals the spirit of the notice, August 20th, Qinghai provincial Environmental Protection Bureau jointly Xining and Datong County Environmental Protection Bureau jointly carried out once for the environmental pollution accidents of dangerous chemicals special emergency drills.

the drill through the collaboration of cities and counties three environmental protection departments in a timely manner, and provides a basis for the disposal of the accident, but also accumulated experience for the environmental protection departments in the disposal of hazardous chemicals environmental emergencies. Provincial government emergency office, Datong County Government, provincial and municipal public security fire department, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, municipal environmental protection departments and key environmental supervision of hazardous chemicals companies and other places to observe the exercise.  

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