Construction of the security monitoring platform Xining elevator will be networked fault alarm

in recent years, the domestic elevator security incidents occurred frequently frightens people at high lift, lift frequent sudden fall rushed top, elevator and even death accidents has been on the importance of elevator safety reminder. Recently, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Xining city will be held this year in the construction elevator safety monitoring platform of the city, to strengthen the operation of the elevator monitoring, fault alarm, remote management and strengthening maintenance, strict control of elevator accidents, ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.

status: the elevator is growing rapidly to ensure the safe operation of imminent

with the rapid development of economic construction in Xining City, the rapid growth of the number of elevator, according to statistics, as of early 2015, the city registered lift nearly 8000 units, and by about 25% per year growth rate, and wide distribution, there are some elevator service management and maintenance is not in place, workers illegal operations, passengers or guardians of children their safety consciousness and other issues, resulting in the elevator malfunction frequently, there are security risks in the operation of elevator.

from the current perspective, the regulators, the inspection is inadequate, the property company safety consciousness, management is not in place, the service quality is not high, the safety of passengers riding consciousness under the condition of strong man-machine contradiction is very prominent, single artificial regulation has not meet the requirements, it is difficult to ensure the effective supervision of the safe operation of the elevator.

at present, how to establish a set of remote, real-time, centralized elevator safety information management system using advanced information technology to improve the level of the elevator maintenance work, strengthen the emergency rescue capability of elevator, elevator safety to improve operation quality, and effectively protect people’s lives and property safety, the implementation of scientific and effective supervision of the new lift method, imperative.

measures: Elevator networking so that the elevator becomes smart

January 7, 2013, the National Quality Inspection Administration issued (national quality inspection special 2013 No. 14) "on the further strengthening of the elevator safety advice" requirement, innovation and regulation, strengthen risk monitoring and early warning of lift, lift support the development and application of networking technology, provided technical support capability of high lift, the lift of new ideas supervision.

elevator networking electronic monitoring system is constructed by networking technology, using sensors, electronic tags, main controller, remote audio and video, and other means to lift the black box, uninterrupted acquisition elevator daily operation information through network transmission to the remote monitoring in real time, realize the intelligent management of the elevator malfunction or accident. Can carry out real-time monitoring of the elevator maintenance quality, elevator annual inspection and daily operation of the elevator, the elevator failure, timely to automatic fault alarm, fault process of voice prompts and passengers heart calming effect, and has fast response to emergency rescue linkage function, establish a vertical management information channel for the government and the relevant units, to better serve the people.

application: the implementation of intelligent safety monitoring of urban elevator

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