North District to build community service brand

has always been to the north area of construction as the basis, to promote grassroots party building, community management and service level "as the main line, with" chuangxianzhengyou "and a new round of basic organization construction activities as the starting point, the full implementation of the" management of the grid, fine service "as the leading community service brand building and strive to enhance the community service consciousness of the masses. Since this year, Mao Sheng Si Bridge Street community party to build a standardized community as an opportunity to build a 1080 square metres of the province’s first service area is the largest community service center, and gradually realize the rich work, the steward, a procedure, chapter of service mechanism.
"three to promote a strong" building community building foundation. Community Party branch in the area of shutting down and broken enterprises, workers in business personnel, the integration of urban and rural practical contradictions, to strengthen the work of the community party as a priority among priorities of community development, to explore the implementation of the "three strong" project, effectively enhance the work of the community party. First, to promote the classification management of Party members. Actively build the community party branch – grid Party branch, three party members and Party building long "management system, in accordance with the classification, classification, slice" principle, implement "double" of the working party; implementation of "takeover" of retired personnel in the party; "straight" for laid-off and unemployed workers in Party members; the implementation of joint pipe on the flow of personnel in the party; treat industry personnel in the party, the implementation of "temporary", by strengthening education, education, education on loving and dynamic education and other measures to effectively solve the community members scattered and indefinite, increase the flow of laid-off workers to Party the problem resulting in neglect of education and management, to eliminate the blind spot of the education and management of Party members. Two is to promote the role of Party members play. To excel activities as the carrier, carry out the classification by the working party, without the party by making clear post duty service activities. Around the community harmony and stability, the establishment of policies and regulations, supervision in the party propaganda Gang Gang Gang, family planning services, civil dispute mediation Posts 13 kinds of jobs, organize community members as maintenance of security patrols, disputes mediators, community affairs information, policy theory advocates, Party liaison. In all the members of the community to carry out the bad behavior of a pipe, neighborhood disputes mention, helping the poor help, say, suggest Limin community security guard a guard, beautify the environment for a "six" activities, implementation of the activities of the party, Party members play the role of a carrier platform. Three is to promote the party building regional coverage. Combined with the community grid management, integration of resources, focus on building the "property + party organization", "project + party organization" industrial organization and "medical institutions + party organization", "volunteer service team + party organization" and other service organizations will be extended to the party building work area of state-owned enterprises and the non-public sector of the economy the organization, project site, property companies, play the role of Party members in the area of grid services in the community, the party’s organizational advantages into a powerful driving force to promote the development of community, flexibly and effectively solve units without party members, Party organizations, organized activities, the formation of longitudinal and transverse to the end edge, full coverage of the regional party building pattern. Four is to strengthen the community;

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