Aggregation revitalize private capital Xining folk investment and financing service center

In April 3rd, the province’s financial work conference held on the occasion, as an important measure of deepening the financial reform and innovation, improve the financial service system, the province’s first private capital management services company – Xining folk financing service center. Provincial Standing Committee, deputy governor Wang Xiao inaugurated as the center.

has been the provincial government attaches great importance to the development of the financial sector, has introduced a series of policies and measures to support the reform and innovation of the financial sector. In order to gather and revitalize the private capital and private capital to broaden the financing channels, regulate private financing behavior, ease of small and micro enterprises and people’s livelihood problem of financing, to achieve effective docking of capital projects and, in our province since April last year, preparations for the establishment of private investment and financing center.

ceremony on the day of the Xining folk investment and financing service center and the Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Xining Municipal Development and Reform Commission will provide key support in our province advantage project database as service center, service center to guide private capital into the province infrastructure, municipal utilities, social undertakings, financial services and other countries to support the industry to further expand the channels of project financing. (author:

and CuO)

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reporter learned that the investor can be located at No. 1 victory road, Xining folk investment and financing service center to do a fund entrusted registration. Then, the service center will carry out a review of the project, determine the project capital investors can receive a monthly income, and to recover the principal; demand side financing can also accept entrust financing through this financial service platform, realize the matching fund.

according to the Xining folk financing service center limited company chairman Wei Yongping introduced, in the center of the preparatory phase, the working group visited in Wenzhou, based Changsha, Erdos, Chengdu and other places on the experience and practice, the Provincial Finance Office approved by the Xining city Cci Capital Ltd and other four units jointly invested 30 million yuan, the formation of the Xining folk investment financing service center Co. ltd.. The center will build a platform, to gather private capital, integration of project and service enterprise "for the purpose, to carry out private lending registration service, investment and financing services, private financing rate monitoring, give full play to the role of intermediary," financing pool "," project pool "function, accelerate the formation and release mechanism of Qinghai folk finance the price index", realize the dynamic monitoring of folk financing trends.


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