Two learn to do when let the learn to do in the field to see the effectiveness of the two

"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, uphold the party’s program, abide by the constitution of the party, to fulfill the obligations of the party……" In May 13th, the Provincial Animal Husbandry Department organs 11 branches of the sixty or seventy members of Party members wearing badges, into the Tu Autonomous County, Tang Chuan Zhen Qinghai Kaifeng innovation of agricultural science and technology demonstration park, lined up the fields, relive the party oath.

wrote the article on the earth, and spread it to the field. In order to consolidate and expand the party’s mass line education and three strict three special education results, increase the sense of purpose, closer relations between the party and the masses, on the same day, the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry in the fields held "two learning" education and learning "in 2016 the body of the people, to do farm work, when farmers".

"agricultural cadres to practice the" two schools do "go into fields and pastures, and herdsmen ate together with labor, do tiexinren farmers, farming, in order to understand the understanding of farmers, farmers need to know what, this is every farming cadres’ good agricultural and animal husbandry, agricultural good shepherd." basic literacy, is the Party cadres ideals and faith, enhance party consciousness, strengthen the sense of purpose, to be a qualified members of the basic standards." Han Bin, Secretary of the Party branch of the personnel department on behalf of the party’s commitment.

body feeling, doing farm work, when farmers. After the ceremony, Party cadres enthusiasm, spades and other tools, carrying a plastic film and seeds, to their own third of an acre to start farming. Cable preparation, enclosed ridge, covered with plastic film, as a good person contracted 33 square meters of land, the Party cadres who shovel shovel, busy awfully.

at this time, it was cloudy and rain up. In the office of the vegetable, the driver class old Comrades while plowing, sowing while grab green leafy vegetables. Guo Rongbian, deputy party secretary of the office of the party with the feeling of sowing: not farming, farmers do not know the hard work, but also can not hear the demands and aspirations of farmers. If only the theoretical knowledge, not to practice, that is’ on paper ‘, unable to guide farmers to increase income."

"no matter the interests of the masses of farmers and herdsmen, agriculture and animal husbandry as the system of Party members and cadres, going through the" two a "," agricultural farming career resolutely practice as a shepherd "spirit, dedication, as a qualified party. The premise is the majority of Party members and cadres to do farm work, farming, down to earth, to agriculture and animal husbandry system qualified party standard stand up, the image of tree up."

site preparation is the provincial animal husbandry department director Zhang Huangyuan said, today the office of Party members and cadres to the fields, through this activity, the purpose is to enhance the "Four Consciousness", guiding party politics, beliefs about the rules, discipline, morality, character, dedication, as. To become a qualified Party members and the cause of agricultural farming herdsman spirit practitioner. At the same time, the combination of learning and education with the goal of the year to promote the work of agriculture and animal husbandry and Party building made new achievements.


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