Xining Airport T2 terminal opened yesterday

at 5:30 on July 23rd, after 4 years of construction of the Xining airport core project of the two phase of the project, the newly built T2 terminal ushered in the first batch of passengers. From now on, all passengers will enter and exit from T2 port, T1 stop operation.

reporter saw at the Xining airport, built for the use of T2 terminal is I-shaped plane, white body color, branched structure, diamond shaped elements, the glass curtain wall, the plateau sunshine into the room, creating a unique plateau airport open air, light and spacious feeling at the same time as a layer of the apron waiting area to provide natural lighting and ventilation, the gate position clear, passengers to provide accurate range. Area of 42 thousand square meters with T2 terminal has 28 check-in counters, security channel 12, gate 14, the function is more perfect, more reasonable process. The smooth transition of the T2 terminal will further enhance the comprehensive service support capability and quality of Xining airport.

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Xining Caojiabao Airport is the air gateway in Qinghai province and the external window of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, built in December 1991 navigable, in 2005 the expansion of the T1 terminal, the annual passenger throughput capacity of 860 thousand passengers. In 2006, the provincial government made an important decision two Xining airport expansion project, started in September 2009, a total investment of about 2 billion 220 million yuan, according to meet 2020 passenger throughput of 4 million passengers and cargo throughput of 30 thousand tons to design, the main content is to build a 3800 meters long runway, the runway will be transformed into the original parallel taxiway and the West extension of 800 meters, 160 thousand square meters of new parking, 22 parking bays, 42 thousand square meters of terminal and field facilities. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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