Xining North District Federation of trade unions into the home two warm

city of Xining City Federation of trade unions in the spirit of "frugal, efficient and pragmatic" principle, so that the difficulties of workers warm winter, happy holidays.

to send warm activity in the District Federation of trade unions to the region, towns (Office) for the group, scattered home condolences condolences and sent to the goods directly to the difficulties workers home, chatted with the workers, the field to understand the difficulties of workers suffering, the difficulties of workers are the basic necessities of life and other practical difficulties to be addressed as soon as possible, so that the majority of workers people especially difficult for workers to fully feel the party and the government’s care and warmth. It is reported that two sections to send a total of 420 rescue workers and migrant workers, issued a cash of $294 thousand, rice, 420 bags, edible oil of 420 barrels, the cumulative amount of up to $357 thousand. (author: Su Jianping)


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