Remember the general secretary told Qinghai tell a good story

February 19th, general secretary Xi Jinping went to the people’s daily and other central media research, chaired the press party will work forum and delivered an important speech on the news public opinion work status and role, responsibilities and mission, should adhere to the principles and orientation and must follow the basic principles and other aspects systematically.

in Qinghai, in Xining, both traditional media and new media editors and reporters to watch the news, speech, WeChat group in the relevant text, pictures and links frequently scraper…… Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important speech so that the majority of journalists feel excited, causing strong repercussions. Many front-line journalists in the study of speech, the mood be calm, we have said, the general secretary’s speech has a strong political, ideological and guidance, to remember the general secretary of the Commission, adhere to the correct political orientation, the performance of their duties, sing the main theme of the times, the party responsible for the news public opinion the duty and mission.

Xining radio and television news channel reporter Li Jiahong said that general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech, put forward in the new era of the party’s news and public opinion work responsibilities and mission. As a television news public opinion workers, to assume the responsibility and mission of public opinion, we must adhere to the correct political orientation in the first place. The use of lens and microphone to spread the party’s policy proposition, record the times, promote social progress, watch fairness and justice.

Xining evening news agency report on director Guo Hancheng to seriously study the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech was full of excitement. He said, the general secretary Xi Jinping will press work to "governing the country and bringing peace to the country", for journalists, glory, is a huge pressure. As a party member, engaged in the news work, stay loyal to the party, adhere to the practice of Marx’s concept of news news news propaganda guidance, the use of public opinion to create a good environment for the work of the party. Journalists want to sink only in this era of something under a heart, to make a play of news, to reflect the times, record society, promote social positive energy, the spread of socialist core values, and to do the party, with the times, one with the people.

General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his speech, the party’s news and public opinion must be innovative ideas, content, genre, form, method…… Enhance pertinence and effectiveness. For the current political news reports, this discussion is very enlightening." Qinghai daily news reporter Zhang Yunshen said with emotion: in the new situation, the current political news should be innovative, we want to use the way everyone loved to write the current news. While highlighting the importance of the news, but also to make the news ground gas, which requires the current political report writing, from the subject matter to the genre must advance with the times."

"new media should also focus on guidance." Under the new situation, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the special requirements of the new media, the rapid spread of network media practitioners in Qinghai, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Xining evening news agency, said Liu Qilong, director of the new media,;

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