Twelfth Lake race news conference held in Beijing in the first round of the tournament through the p

distance from 2000 km total prize amount increased to $700 thousand entry team innovation high

in April 26th, the Organizing Committee of the lake around the world held the 2013 session of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race press conference in Beijing. Has grown into the second round of the tour de France, Italy, Spain, the world’s top three World Cup tournament, this year will bring us more surprises.


of the tournament by the State Sports General Administration, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial People’s government, invited the Gansu Provincial People’s government, the people’s Government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to participate in organized Chinese Cycling Association, CCTV Sports Center, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau, Gansu Province Sports Bureau, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and the event by government contractors.

Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia based on the events of western sport culture tourism resources, in order to "green, humane, harmonious" as the theme, the event has the international influence, reflects the international level, with the characteristics of the Chinese world series as the goal, adhere to government led, enterprise participation and market operation principle, continue to promote competition internationalization, specialization, marketization, and actively explore the combination of sports and economic and social development way, promote the development of related industries, rich sports life, promote sound and rapid economic and social development.

this year’s tournament in the last round of the lake on the basis of further toward internationalization, specialization, market-oriented direction, and presents three highlights:

through the provincial capital of the three provinces, the influence of further expansion. The tournament will continue to jointly by Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia provinces, the route will be adjusted, extended to the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region capital of Yinchuan, for the first time through the provinces of the capital, the influence will be further enhanced.

race distance of 2000 kilometers, the highest elevation of 4120 meters. The tournament continues to maintain high altitude at the same time, to make further adjustments, in order to better highlight the provinces unique culture and geographical landscape, not only rich in natural scenery of grassland, desert, mountains, peaks, such as Gobi, more diverse ethnic and historical cultural customs. There will be two times at an altitude of 4120 meters of climbing grade Lake race this year, 3 times more than the long stage of 200 kilometers, the average per ride more than 150 kilometers, is a new challenge to race around the lake.


of the tournament, in order to attract high level sports team, according to the setting of other tournament prize in Asia, the organizing committee decided the total bonus increased from $600 thousand to $700 thousand, will continue to maintain the total prize money first in asia. In addition, the current round of the lake more than and 50 teams to sign up, creating a new high around the lake race. (author: Zhu Xiquan)

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