Xining enterprise retirees pension adjustment has reached 1495 yuan per capita

1 from the Municipal Social Security Bureau, the Xining municipal retirement pension treatment work. According to statistics, this adjustment involving a total of 10 retirees?. 30 thousand, monthly pensions increased 20 million 340 thousand yuan. Before the adjustment, the city pension for enterprise retirees per capita level is 1297 yuan, after the adjustment, the city pension for enterprise retirees per capita reached 1495 yuan, increase 198 yuan per month, an increase of 15% compared to 2009, far higher than the national increase of 10% level.

will be added in order to ensure the payment of pensions for enterprise retirees in the hands of the city before the Spring Festival, the County Social Security Bureau ahead of the pension for enterprise retirees increased all the preparatory work, elaborate organization, careful arrangements, to develop a specific programme of work, timely scheduling on funds, deployed a total of more than and 90 people set up a number of working groups, to each part of the work issued made specific arrangements and implementation. The capital increase is entirely using computer network technology, the urban county social insurance agencies prior to the enterprise retirees database for the improvement and consolidation, to ensure that the data is accurate and complete, and will increase the roster to return to the retired personnel management unit for review process to increase the public, standardized and transparent. After all the staff work overtime round the clock, and only 3 days ahead of the completion of the issuance of work 10? Audit treatment. 30 thousand retirees from enterprises.

It is reported that in January 29th

, the County Social Security Bureau will increase the pension funded by the bank on behalf of institutions on behalf of institutions in January 31st have been issued in place since February 1st, retired personnel but by issuing bank passbook to receive treatment increased pension adjustment. My pension for enterprise retirees in February are paid in advance, in February 10th before the full payment in place.


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