Xining City District the four City LAN city grade

this year, Xining City District adhere to the "creative city", "news", "year", "Sen" four City LIAN, focus on city planning, city appearance and environmental sanitation, construction and management of municipal facilities, residential management, construction site management, construction management, the establishment of the administrative law enforcement team in ten aspects of city the management mechanism of the assessment content of decomposition of refinement, effectively enhance the grade of the city.

is located in the capital city of the central region of the District of Xining City, the establishment of the four City LIAN office, relying on urban management information platform, integration of functions of urban management, construction, agriculture, economy, health, environmental protection and other departments of the city, the primary and secondary roads, dragnet inspections, to ensure seamless, full coverage. Has launched a "civilized Saturday" campaign, the full out cigarette butts, Qing Qing Qing psoriasis, sanitation facilities, parking; beauty beauty beauty beauty shop signs, kiosks, focus on remediation of environmental sanitation of more than 30 times, more than 1600 tons of rubbish; clean up more than 2000 wild advertising ban lane, a shop operator 260; more than 13 cases, punishment; and more than 260 car trips. Adhere to the "six small" industry regulation, to ensure a clean and orderly environment. (author: Su Jianping Zhang Yongzhi)

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