Xining to carry out food safety special rectification activities

From the beginning of September 20th, Xining launched a special rectification of food safety activities. September 21st, the reporter followed by the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision, industry and commerce, health, agriculture and animal husbandry and other departments of the joint inspection team conducted an interview.

market in the construction of the North Bridge, the inspectors were the focus of inspection of vegetables, meat, cooked food, in a sale of pork stalls before the inspectors asked the sales and quarantine.

live voice: do you have anything that includes quarantine?

have, and now do not have to buy people do not rest assured.

in the Grand Cross Department Store Plaza store, food inspection personnel to access, purchase of raw materials and the implementation of invoices for cable card and the establishment of the relevant accounting examinations were conducted, director of the Xining municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau while Wan Jianying read the registration record, while told reporters:

as our business sector asked him to take this, who is available to you, you have to put the supplier certification, including product inspection report, a copy of the business license, the proof of your supplier is qualified business entities you can supply. So now let’s supermarket cable card tickets should not have what big problem, after three years of efforts, the enterprise of this work has been recognized, and is now actively cooperate with the work, especially after the introduction of our food regulations, we have a legal basis.

Grand Plaza department store supermarket food manager Yang Dongmei

This is the

salad, fresh, because it is sometimes the pin pin end without end, go out, we are here is not to sell overnight goods, this is the inside acceptance we purchase area registration records.

the inspection team has to Town God’s Temple pastry square, small bridges built north market and cross department store Plaza was examined from the test results, the overall situation of the market good food safety, standardize the market order, the key varieties of purchase channels conform to the standard, food quality management system implementation. (author: Da Ying Ying)


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