September 27th to October 7th daily necessities market monitoring system started

Mid Autumn Festival and National Day coming for the holidays to expand consumption, the prosperity of urban and rural markets, to ensure market supply, to maintain market stability, to ensure that urban and rural residents spend a happy and peaceful holiday, the day before the provincial commerce department issued a notice, which requires the country to ensure supply two markets, expand consumption and start the daily necessities market monitoring system.

Provincial Department of commerce requires the local commerce administrative departments, guide the backbone of large circulation enterprises to open up supply channels, strengthen the production and marketing, focusing on protection of grain, oil, meat, eggs, poultry, vegetables, milk and other daily necessities mainly supply, we must grasp the key enterprises emergency products production, sales, inventory, and guide enterprises to properly the increase of important commodities temporary inventory, improve emergency goods on the network, make emergency delivery preparation, guidance of circulation enterprises for the holidays, consumption characteristics, organizational marketable products, meet the needs of different consumer groups. The country should seize the opportunity of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day two, encourage commercial enterprises to explore new ideas, bold innovation, and actively carry out various forms, rich and colorful, loved by the expansion of consumption activities, promote energy-saving appliances, water-saving sanitary ware and other low-carbon green consumption.

all of the shopping malls, supermarkets, wholesale markets, farmers markets and other commercial establishments and all kinds of promotional activities of investigation efforts of security risks, focus on examination of business premises electrical equipment, fire facilities, fire exits, emergency evacuation routes and operating, storage of flammable and explosive and other dangerous articles and other easy to cause the accident, fire and other facilities to prevent stampede the vicious incident, improve emergency plans. September 27th to October 7th, the daily necessities market daily monitoring system, pay close attention to the important commodity market supply and demand and price changes during the holidays, to ensure that the data in a timely, true, accurate and reliable. (author: Zhang Yaning Zhang Rui)

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