Xining TV station and telecom Xining branch to carry out information technology strategic cooperatio

December 5th, Xining TV station and China Telecom Co Xining branch of information technology strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Xining tv. The two sides will be based on the basis of the original fixed network data communication cooperation, cooperation with their respective news resources and promotion service advantages, and actively promote and expand the depth in the network of integrated information services, wireless data value-added service, mobile phone new media business, 3G news broadcast and other aspects of cooperation.

it is reported that this cooperation is based on the Xining network television journalists business opportunity, make full use of high-quality platform China Telecom Tianyi 3G network, the Xining network television to across the province’s rapid response and news release, give full play to the advantages and characteristics of the new media, a positive effect on the development of Xining in Qinghai province and even the Internet industry, new media business, the media industry innovation and upgrading play a leading role model.

Xining TV, Xining branch of the China Telecom cooperation conforms to the development trend of triple play, will further promote the Xining culture, the media and communications industry’s prosperity, develop a broader space for the development of Xining economic society, the use of new media services, and continuously improve the competitive ability of both sides in the new media field, better to satisfy the audience demand for high-quality information service. (author: Sun Hailing)




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