The province’s 2016 annual city state Party committee government poverty alleviation target respon

12 month 16 days, reporters from the province’s 2016 annual city (state) government poverty alleviation target responsibility assessment and poverty exit provincial acceptance checks will start to understand, from now until December 31, 2016, the province’s assessment and acceptance will be divided into 8 groups, 8 city (state) were dispatched to the province’s development of assessment and acceptance, check around party committees and governments responsible for implementing the goals of poverty alleviation annual and annual objectives and tasks completed poverty exit.

It is reported that

, the poverty alleviation target responsibility assessment object for the 8 city of the province (state) Party committee and government, 6 counties poverty exit acceptance range for this year’s plan Zhaimao (Executive Committee); the provincial record 404 participatory poverty stricken villages; the standard for the annual plan to reduce poverty to build 110 thousand poor households file card.

acceptance of the assessment will be out of poverty target responsibility assessment and poverty exit inspection as the main content. The target responsibility assessment mainly includes the poverty alleviation work around the annual work plan, the degree of attention, the level of financial funding for poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation cadres, poverty alleviation funds management, carry out publicity, poverty reduction effect etc.. Exit acceptance mainly include the poverty of poor households out of poverty and poverty, the main acceptance of the annual per capita disposable income, housing security; impoverished village exit, exit the main acceptance of poor village poverty incidence, the village collective economic development and infrastructure construction in poor village; poor counties hat, mainly farmers and herdsmen in the poverty-stricken counties hat acceptance of people disposable income, nine years of compulsory education consolidation etc..

inspection and acceptance to take the city state self-examination and field evaluation of two methods. To determine the annual poverty exit provincial inspection and exit uncap the impoverished county poor villages to implement full coverage, acceptance group by listening to the reports around the leading group for poverty alleviation and development, access to relevant information, villages and households verification, held a forum, a comprehensive grasp of poor households out of poverty and poverty village out of the real situation, and listen to the poor people and in the village first Secretary of the opinions and suggestions, for poor households out of poverty, poor villages and poor counties exit Zhaimao comprehensive evaluation.


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