Measures for the administration of the use of funds for the establishment of a joint venture in Huan

in order to further standardize the "military enterprises build a model village campaign funds management, Huangzhong County in accordance with the" special storage, special account accounting, earmarking "principle, to seriously study the development of the" military enterprises build a model village "activities and the use of project funds management approach", to ensure the safety of project funds, efficient operation, all kinds of build the project organization and implementation.

clear purpose. Specify special financial funds to the city and county, village public welfare thing financial awards complement funds, each party and government organs and units, police forces and the construction of enterprise for the construction funds, other units and individuals to donate funds for farmers, all the walls and door renovation, village public service facilities construction, road construction, the village green village lighting, village appearance renovation etc..

specification. In accordance with the funds to follow the project, funding follow the progress of the model to allocate financial resources. County Finance according to the relevant provisions of timely financial funds allocated to the county village building activities fund special accounts, and the county leading group in accordance with the arrangement of village and county construction activities, timely disbursement of township expenditure to build special accounts; at the same time, the county village set aside a certain amount of financial funds, after all the project acceptance and the construction of township financial data complete the transfer of village, funded in full to the township.

strict audit. The financial arrangements of the various types of project funds, city, county, township and the overall use, audit strictly in accordance with the financial management system of project village projects submitted for funding and all kinds of instruments and the attached documents are, after passing the examination timely disbursement of funds.

strengthen supervision. County village office responsible for the supervision and inspection of the project construction, ensure project construction progress and quality; to build the county office, the fund supervision group of projects and the disbursement of funds tracking performance, the use of full supervision, regular or irregular inspection; County Finance Department of audit and supervision, strengthen supervision and inspection and audit of project funds the. (author: Zhang Hailong)

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