mprove the procedures for drawing truss cage cadre management concentric circles in Qinghai Provinc

recently, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued the "Qinghai provincial management cadres before the publicity approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the relevant departments should earnestly implement. Approved by the provincial Party committee, the general office of the provincial Party committee issued in June 2002, the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on the management of cadres before the trial approach is no longer implemented.

approach to further clarify the publicity of the object, time, content and methods, especially for the public during the receipt of reports or reflect the treatment made further clear. "Approach" provides that the relevant departments have concluded that no longer investigate. Reflect the general problem of inconvenience, preliminary verification, can carry on a conversation, write or retained; reflect the specific content, clear clues, to carry out investigation and verification. Signature or face to face of the problem, the visual situation in the investigation and verification in an appropriate manner to the informants feedback survey results. Reflect the problem is difficult to find out, the suspension of appointment, suspend the appointment time is generally not more than 3 months. After finding out the problem, does not affect the appointment, for service procedures according to the provisions; the appointment, submitted to the Provincial Standing Committee for reconsideration; alleged violation of law, the transfer of the discipline inspection organs or judicial organs in accordance with the relevant provisions."

"measures" on the basis of full investigation, the focus on improving the management of the provincial cadres before their appointment procedures, to broaden the channels of supervision of democratic people, strengthen the work of selecting and appointing cadres transparency efforts, focus on building and making use of the work of closed system, truss system cage, carefully painted "concentric circles of cadre management".


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